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2 ex-aerospace engineers, with a combined total of 62 years service in the aerospace industry before partnering and becoming co-Directors of GEI (UK) Ltd. Steve has a background of structural analysis and programme management, whilst Pete has a background of design engineering and project liaison/build line support. Together, we believe we are able to offer a high quality, well managed client experience with any enterprise taken on.

Since leaving the aerospace industry we have diligently gained all necessary qualifications and business accreditations to be able to operate as a fully autonomous business in the solar photo voltaic industry sector. As we are a small local business, we are able to offer a more personal experience than our competitors. We cover all aspects of our business operations, from initial lead follow up, through installation, commissioning and final certification. As we have modest overheads to service, we believe our pricing will always be competitive and we pride ourselves in the quality and standard of each and every installation undertaken.


We also note that being a legitimate Government backed scheme solar PV installation company we are fully MCS (Micro-generation Certification Scheme) accredited (reg. No. NIC 2799). We are members of REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Limited), bound by the REAL code of practice and in keeping with the code, we provide individual client deposit insurance and works completion insurance through

Also being fully autonomous as installers requires us to be qualified domestic electricians and registered with an appropriate governing body, in our case the NICEIC as domestic electrical installers.



Site survey: Site evaluation is the key to a successful solar PV Project. Every location is different; different roof structures, orientation, angle of roof, and possible shading issues. All affect the effectiveness of a solar PV system. The Government requires that all solar PV projects are assessed in accordance with Standard Assessment Procedures.

In accordance with the SAP and the MCS guidelines, our site survey includes an assessment of the underlying roof structure and includes calculations for the effects of wind gusts on the attachment of the solar panels to the roof.

Although a solar PV system could be considered as a separate electrical system in its own right, applicable building regulations require that we assess the standard and quality of overall site electrical earthing (e.g. the quality of your main household earth wiring). In the unlikely event that the earthing is found to be inadequate, we are required to identify the options for bringing it up to the minimum standard (which is always in the interest of the householder for safety reasons).

A detailed shading assessment, as per MCS guidelines, is undertaken which takes in to account such issues as nearby tress, chimneys, gables other buildings and the effects of the horizon in the direction of interest.

Also in accordance with the MCS guidelines, we provide an annual electrical yield calculation (how much electricity in kilo Watt hours/year your system will produce) and provide a prediction on when your Feed in Tariff payments will pay off the capital investment.

Typically, the financial return on investment can be around 10%. Current new installation Feed in Tariff terms are 20 years long and are tax free and indexed linked against the RPI.

We can also offer advice and installation on complimentary energy saving devices such as the various hot water immersion controllers that are designed to exploit left over electricity from your solar system with no impact on payments.


We can install off grid (i.e. where there is no existing electricity supply) stand alone solar PV systems, such as those used for remote outbuildings where there is no pre existing national grid electricity supply nearby.


We have installed solar PV systems for property developers and other commercial businesses.


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